Fire Warden Training


Programme Overview:
This programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively carry out the duties of a Fire Warden and additional duties on fire prevention and premise evacuation.

Programme Outlines:

  • Overview of Singapore Fire Safety Acts and Legislations
  • Understand the characteristics of fire (with short video)
  • Understand human behaviour in a fire situation
  • Common fire hazards and fire prevention
  • Overview of premise’s emergency response plan and evacuation procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities of fire wardens
  • Use of fire-fighting equipment
  • Emergency Communication

Programme Outcomes:
On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fire safety legislation & requirements
  • Understand the basic principles of combustion and how fire spreads
  • Understand human behaviour in a fire situation
  • Identify potential fire hazards and execute control measures
  • Understand their roles & responsibilities as a fire warden
  • Be familiar with the premise’s emergency response plan, evacuation procedures and escape routes
  • Understand basic operation of fire extinguisher and fire hose reel
  • Be familiar with the mean of communication during emergencies

Who should attend?
Anyone designated as a fire warden or wanted to be trained as a fire warden.

Venue:To be conducted at client’s premise.

Duration:2 hours

Further information:Please contact +65 8518-2398 or email to