Facilities & Project Management

Productivity is crucial to survival in today’s fast changing business environment. To achieve success, good facilities management is vital for companies. The random unforeseeable economic turmoil, diminishing profits, increased local and global competition and diversity in the range of skills required are factors that have driven organizations to look for ways to make themselves more productive, often with fewer people and/or in less space. In Singapore, facilities management has become an important dimension for companies striving for excellence in such an environment.

Facilities management is the care and supervision of infrastructure that supports business. It is the basic to fulfill the needs of the workforce and enhance productivity through the provision of appropriate workspace, technology and physical environment. Encompassing traditional estate management, building maintenance and building management, facilities management in Singapore has taken a holistic approach to meet the challenges of limited real-estate space and more demanding workforce.

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FMO offers the following facilities management services, consultancy and solutions:

  • FM System Design & Implementation Consultancy
  • FM Operation Robustness Assessment
  • Customised FM Training
  • Operations & Maintenance Management
  • FM Process Design & Documentation
  • Addition & Alteration Works
  • Project Management for Building Addition & Alteration Works
  • Mobile Facilities Management Solutions
    • Audit Management
    • Inspection Management
    • Incident Management
    • Work Order Management
    • Report Management
    • Event Management
    • Emergency Management
    • Dashboard