Emergency Exercises

Simulations of emergency situations, or emergency exercises, are integral to a sound emergency or crisis management plan. They offer opportunities for premises to examine and strengthen their capacities for responding to various emergencies.

By participating in different types of exercises, premise owner or operator can then identify the appropriate methods for preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from crises. These exercises also may expose the limitations of existing plans (i.e. emergency response plan, crisis management plan) such as procedural gaps or training needs. It can help assess the roles, responsibilities, relationships, communication strategies and resources that would be critical should an actual crisis occur.

FMO offers professional services for five (5) main types of emergency exercises:

  1. Orientations

These are introductions to a premise’s crisis or emergency management/preparedness program. The objective is to familiarize participants with roles, responsibilities, plans, procedures and equipment. It enable the management to resolve questions of coordination and assignment of responsibilities.

Recommended for: New employees, building occupants and building management team

  1. Evacuation drill

Under the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) guidelines on evacuation planning, two (2) evacuation drills shall be conducted each year and involve all building occupants. An emergency drill tests a specific operation or function of the emergency response plan (ERP). The purpose of a drill is to practice aspects of the emergency response plan and prepare the company emergency response team (CERT) or first responders and participants for more extensive exercises in the future.

Recommended for: All building occupants


  1. Table-top exercise

Under the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) guidelines on table-top exercise, two (2) table-top exercises shall be conducted each year for each building with the assistance of a certified Fire Safety Manager (FSM). The exercise helps to analyse an emergency event in an informal, stress-free environment. It provides participants with an emergency scenario to analyse and increase their awareness of the roles and responsibilities of individuals as stipulated in the emergency response plan (ERP) and/or crisis management plan. It is designed to prompt a constructive discussion about the existing ERP for participants to identify, investigate and resolve issues.

Recommended for: Operations team, CERT members, Fire Wardens and Fire Safety Committee members.


  1. Functional exercise

It is designed to test one or more functions of a premise’s emergency response plan during an interactive, time-pressured, simulated event. Functional exercises can be conducted in the premise’s emergency operations centre or fire command centre (FCC). Participants are given directions by controllers/simulators via telephones or radios, and they must respond appropriately to the incidents that arise in accordance to their emergency response plan. Evaluators/Facilitators will then provide their assessment on the team’s emergency readiness.

Recommended for: Functional team, Operations team and CERT.


  1. Full-scale exercise

It is designed to evaluate the operational capability of emergency management systems in a highly stressful environment that simulates actual conditions. Full-scale exercises test and evaluate most functions of the emergency response-operational plan, including the mobilization of emergency personnel, equipment and resources. A scenario that is most likely to occur will be chosen and thereby involve all stakeholders. Facilitators conduct a post-incident critique and develop a post-mortem report to identify issues for correction.

Recommended for: All occupants including the Functional team, Operations team and CERT.