CERT Training

The CERT (Company Emergency Response Team) Scheme was expanded to include a broader group of Public and Industrial premises with the amendments to the Fire Safety Act on 01 September 2013 and 01 March 2014.

In the updated Fire Safety Act (Chapter 109A), all premises with Fire Safety Managers (FSM) are required to set up a CERT and ensure that the members of the CERT have undergone specific training for their respective roles before deployment.

FMO offers comprehensive courseware for CERT to support premise owners in meeting the regulatory requirement.

No. Course Name Recommended for Requirement CPD / SDU Points
1 WSQ Implement Incident Management Processes (1 Day) SMC / SIC For all premises 10 CPD / 8 SDU Points
2 WSQ Respond to Fire & HazMAT Emergency (3 Days) SIC / ERT For tier 1 Petroleum & Flammable Material permises 30 CPD / 24 SDU Points
3 WSQ Respond to Fire Emergency in Buildings (2 Days) SIC / ERT For tier 1 high risk installations & tier 2 premises 20 CPD / 16 SDU Points
4 WSQ Respond to Fire Incident in Workplace (1 Day) SIC / ERT For tier 3 premises 10 CPD / 8 SDU Points

For enquiry on the training courses, kindly contact Stella at 6273-9668 or email: info@fmone.sg