Fire Safety Management (FSM) Services

Fire Safety Manager/Management (FSM) Services

Under the Singapore Fire Safety Act (Chapter 109A, Section 61(1), the owner or occupier of all public or industrial buildings which satisfy at least one of the following conditions, are required to appoint a certified Fire Safety Manager (FSM) for the premises:

i. Public Building (inclusive of Commercial Building)
is of 9 storeys or more (including any basement) in height;

  • is used, constructed or adapted to be used as a hospital;
  • has a floor area of 5000 square metres or more; or
  • has an occupant load of 1000 persons or more


ii. Industrial Building

  • has a floor area or site area of 5000 square metres or more; or
  • has an occupant load of 1,000 persons or more

Any appointed Fire Safety Manager (FSM) needs to be certified under one of the below-certified courses:

  • Diploma in Engineering (Fire Safety and Building Services) for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Diploma in Leisure and Hotel Facilities Management for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Diploma in Fire Safety and Security Studies for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Diploma in Sustainability and Green Building for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Diploma in Integrated Facility Management for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Diploma of Mechanical Engineering (Green Building Technology) for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Higher NETC in Facility Management for Fire Safety Manager (FSM)
  • Certificate in Fire Safety Manager (FSM)

FMO offers comprehensive fire safety management services to assist building/premise owners and operators to fulfil the regulatory requirement and to meet their corporate emergency preparedness requirement:

  • Provision of certified Fire Safety Manager (FSM) and Senior FSM to be appointed for building.
  •  Liaise and coordinate with Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on all matters pertaining to fire safety and its requirement on behalf of the client.
  •  Assist in review Emergency Response Plan (ERP).
  •  Assist in establishing the CERT
  • Conduct bi-yearly Emergency Evacuation Exercise (Fire Drill) and Table-top Exercise (TTE).
  •  Prepare Post-Mortem Report for Emergency Evacuation Exercise (EEE).
  •  Conduct regular Fire Safety Training/Briefing for Fire Safety Committee and Occupants.
  •  Perform regular site inspection to ensure site is free of fire hazards and that the fire safety and protection systems installed on site are maintained (by building’s appointed contractors) to the standard that meet the local statutory requirements.
  •  Coordinate Fire Safety Committee Meeting.
  •  Prepare annual Fire Safety Manager (FSM) report for building owner.
  •  Attend the pre-fire certification renewal testing and endorse form FSSD-CED-FC01/02/03 on behalf of the building owner as required by Fire Safety Act.

Emergency preparedness is an ongoing pursuit for any organisation against a one-time activity. The fire safety management services offered by FMO are carried out in a 4-step process via a 12-month program. The program is supported by a Program Management Team (PMT) under a well established organization structure led by Senior Practitioners:



Formulation phase – The Program Management Team will work closely with the premise’s operations team to come up with a unique service framework that meets their unique needs while keeping in compliance with the regulatory requirement. This phase requires the involvement of Fire Safety Manager (FSM), Fire Safety Committee and critical stakeholders to jointly review and approve the draft plan (program) for implementation.

Implement phase – The Fire Safety Manager (FSM) shall execute the planned activities set in the approved plan (program) e.g. Fire Safety Inspections.

Test phase – Under the Fire Safety Management program, emergency exercises such as table-top exercises and evacuation drills will be planned and carried out by the Fire Safety Manager (FSM) to test a specific operation or function of the emergency response plan (ERP).

Review Phase – The Program Director shall review the plan jointly with the Program Manager and Fire Safety Manager (FSM) to evaluate the effectiveness of the program and make recommendation on any change required to tailor to the needs of the client.

To better support our clients on their emergency preparedness needs, FMO offers one-stop service for other fire safety related services:

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  • Fire Certificate Renewal Inspection – pre-testing carried out by Professional Engineer.
  • Application for storage license of Petroleum & Flammable Material (Liquid).
  • Provision of temporary or permanent CERT (Company Emergency Response Team) members for deployment to buildings or event sites as first responder to fire emergencies.

For general enquiries, please contact +65 8518-2398 or email to to request for a comprehensive proposal of our Fire Safety Management Program.