Emergency Response Training

Programme Overview:

This programme is designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to fire or other emergency situations as outlined in the premise’s emergency response plan (ERP) and be familiar with the emergency response and evacuation procedures.

Programme Outlines:

  • Overview Fire Safety (CERT) & (ERP) Regulations 2013
  • Understanding CERT Standard and its classification
  • Understanding CERT Audit Guidelines
  • Roles & Responsibilities of CERT
  • Overview of the premise’s emergency response plan, emergency response and evacuation procedures
  • Roles and responsibilities of CERT
  • Overview of the fire-fighting provisions in your premise
  • Emergency Communication

Programme Outcomes:

On completion of this programme, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fire safety (CERT) & (ERP) Regulations 2013 and requirement
  • Understand the CERT Standard and its classification
  • Understand the CERT audit requirement
  • Understand their roles & responsibilities as a member of the CERT
  • Be familiar with the premise’s emergency response plan, evacuation procedures and escape routes
  • Be familiar with the fire-fighting and protection provisions at the premise
  • Be familiar with the mean of communication during emergencies

Who should attend?

Anyone designated as the member of the company emergency response team (CERT) and/or first responder.


To be conducted at client’s premise.


2 hours

Further Information

Please contact +65 8518-2398 or email to info@fmone.sg